How to buy a skateboard In 2018 – Full Buyer Guide

Being a skateboard enthusiast, I think one of the most important thing is picking out the best skateboards and longboards for yourself or whoever you are buying from. Skateboard and long board buying requires some basic knowledge because different boards have different uses. For example, long boards are usually used for cruising over long distances. Today, I am going to talk about one of the hot favorite skateboards in the market nowadays, electric skateboards. Electric skateboards are the best skateboards for cruising, traveling and for commuting over long distances. So I am going to go over some of the pointers that you need to have in mind when you go to pick out your best skateboard of 2018.

So I’m going to start with the basic parts of the skateboard that you guys need to understand before you can buy the perfect electric skateboard for yourself.The main components you need to know about are obviously a board wheels trucks. Basically, that’s just normal skateboard stuff. Now moving on to the real electric skateboard stuff, you have a motor mount lid into your motor wires, going down to your ESC, electronics. Then there is a control choke into the battery, your main controls and obviously, in order to power all this you’re going to need some sort of remote. This is all what you’re going to need, and it’s essentially just getting these parts together. So basically, this is your whole power train drive system. Alright, so right now for my own electric skateboard, I’m using vecten flywheels, the feature that these wheels have, is that they have spokes right in the middle. The reason you want spokes is for the particular motor on this motor mount.

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It’s called the k3 propulsion kit. It’s manufactured by inertia. Inertia is a really big technical product manufacturing company that makes great products. Although it is a company that is relatively new to skateboards, I think it is safe to buy your first electric skateboards from. Their parts are just really good quality and their service is unbeatable. They have like a 600 day warranty and a 300 a money back guarantee something like that. It has been 300 days from the 600 warranty days, for the Emerson motor that I bought and it has been working just fine. Some of the other parts that you need to know about are the COG for the motor, the gear for the wheel and the mounting pieces fort the gear on the actual wheel. The mount is called the belt and the gear for the wheel. That is the whole kit called the kfe propulsion kit. It is a little bit more expensive than the competitors, but honestly guys you get what you pay for. It has the variety in which you guys can have sheen mud, aluminum, anodized, blue. The anodized gaps look fabulous and great, it also fits perfectly and works completely.

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