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The Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphone is the advanced version of the Grado Prestige SR60 Headphone. While they both have a similarity in basic features, the Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphone has bigger ear cushions and uses a four conductor connecting cable. These headphones are designed to provide an increased sound quality over the SR60 headphones.

Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphone


The Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphone has a very balanced sound. In these headphones, each individual sound is given special attention. Every musical instrument played, every vocal, and all other sounds can be heard perfectly. Some headphones increase the volume on individual sounds, and this leads to other sounds being drowned out, the SR80i does not do this, so people that use these headphones hear every sound. This allows a person that uses these headphones to hear music exactly the way the artist made it.

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Clear sound is what all headphones should have, but a lot of them do not. These headphones have clear sound technology that keeps sounds perfectly clear at all sound levels. With a lot of headphones, as you increase the volume the sound quality decreases, especially if you have modified different sound effects, such as, increasing the bass, increasing the vocals, etc. With most headphones, if you increase the volume significantly, the sound becomes filled with static, it becomes distorted, and sometimes different parts of the sound are cancelled out. The Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphones do not do this. No matter how high the sound is increased, the sound remains crystal clear.

Uncomfortable headphone padding gives headphone wearers a lot of trouble, and they can make listening to things uncomfortable. The Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphones have padding that is specially designed to give listeners maximum comfort. The padding is soft, comfortable, fits easily around the ears, it is made from special material that reduces ear sweat, and it fits snugly around people’s ears without being tight.You can also read about best cat ear headphones of 2018 for better choice.

These headphones can be adjusted to fit around any sized head, so you do not need a perfectly shaped head to wear these headphones comfortably. The headphone headband is flexible, the headphones can be adjusted horizontally, and they can be adjusted vertically. Adjusting the headphones is very easy to do, and because of the many ways they can be adjusted, they are ideal for all sized heads.

The size of these headphones may lead a person to think that they are heavy, but that are in fact very lightweight. Weighing in at 13.6 ounces, these headphones weigh less than a pound. There lightweight design allows them to be worn for long periods of time without becoming heavy, so people that wear these do not have to worry about neck strain.

These headphones are cheap compared to other high quality headphones. The sound quality and comfort that Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphones provide people with cost a lot more in other headphone brands. People that buy these headphones can get high quality without having to pay a lot of money for it.


The Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphones are big headphones, and because of there size, they take up a lot of space. These are not ideal headphones to travel with if you do not have a lot of space for them, so if you want small headphones for portable use, these are not the headphones for you. A person that wants to travel with their MP3 player in their pants pockets or purse will find that these headphones are too big to fit in pants pockets, and unless a woman has a big purse, these headphones will not fit properly in a purse.

These headphones are not ugly, but they are not pretty either. They have a very basic design, so if you want headphones that look good, these may not be the headphones for you. They are plain headphones. They have a plain shape, a plain color, and plain design.

Final Words

Consumers that are interested in low prices, high quality, and comfort, and are not too concerned with looks, will be highly satisfied with the Grado Prestige SR80i Stereo Headphone. While it is not the best looking headphone on the market, it is sold at a price that makes up for its looks, it is extremely comfortable to wear, and it has crystal clear sound quality.

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